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Our hikes provide your pet with the opportunity to experience all of nature’s beauty at its finest and explore all that HRM’s trails have to offer. The freedom of our off leash hikes allow your pet the chance to run and play with other well behaved dogs in a safe and fun environment. Not to mention, you will love coming home after a long day of work to a tired and satisfied pet.


1 Hour Group Nature Hike: $25 (pick up and drop off included)
Discount Price for 2 Dogs: $40


Pee Break

The pee break service involves a walk around the block to allow your pet a chance to get out of the house while you're at work for some fresh air to do their business if they can't hold it all day. This option is great for senior pets whose bladders don't last quite as long as they used to or puppies whose bladders aren't trained perfectly yet.


Pee Break: $20


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Refer our service to a friend and you will receive 3 free walks for your pet when they become a new Paw Posse client!

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